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.0 mb OK - so that's the main driver being used. And as I suspected, if I use intel it finds, installs, and sets up the hardware correctly. Nod, it's also definitely the graphics driver. wizonesolutions: ok, if you don't have an xorg.conf you shouldn't have a display manager EriC^^: Yep, agreed. I've learned that the hard way. :) ok, does xfdesktop4 list /bin/sh? like ls -l /bin/sh EriC^^: Nope. ok Nothing in the output. Not in /bin/ either. ok, type dpkg -l | grep nvidia wizonesolutions: ^ EriC^^: Well, I did find an xorg.conf in the /usr/lib/X11 folder Nod. ok, /etc/X11/xorg.conf? ok, looks like it's using xorg.conf Yes, that's the one I mentioned. It's a simple, basic configuration. And it works for nouveau. ok, so now you'd need to do sudo mv xorg.conf.conf Done. sudo service lightdm restart No go. It gave me the same error as before. wizonesolutions: ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf.conf EriC^^: There's a difference in the two files. One is a plain, blank file. The other is a config



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